Intercultural Effectiveness Training

Intercultural Knowledge will make you more successful!

We use the “Intercultural Effectiveness Scale” (IES) developed by the Kozai Group, a world-class provider for Intercultural Research and Training. lt was developed specifically to evaluate the skills critical to interacting effectively with people who are from cultures other than our own. The instrument can be used for

  • Global management and Human resource management in companies

  • Intercultural competency needs assessment for training design or organizational diversity initiatives

  • Preparation and evaluation for Study Abroad Programs

Training Content

The IES method covers various dimensions that are important for intercultural adaptability including Self-Awareness, Global Mindset, Resilience and Hardiness. Each participant receives a detailed personal report including his/her personal Intercultural Effectiveness Score.

For Individuals

Our Intercultural Effectiveness Consultations include

  • 10-15 minutes online assessment

  • 20 page detailed personal report

  • 1 hour private consultation with a certified intercultural trainer

For Groups

Our 1 or 2-Days Intercultural Effectiveness Training includes

  • Training Sessions on Culture, Intercultural Communication & Cultural Awareness

  • Tools for Intercultural Communication & Cultural Adaptation

  • Cultural Information of the Target Culture (e.g. Pakistan, USA)

  • Online Intercultural Effectiveness Assessment for each participant

  • 20 Page detailed personal report for each participant

  • Group debriefing sessions of competency profiles

  • Time for Reflection & Personal Goal Setting

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