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At Zubaan Training we are passionate about bridging language and cultural barriers. Helping our clients communicate and interact effectively in a globalized, multi-cultural and diverse world. Combined our teachers have more than four decades of experience in teaching clients from around the world. We are commited to life-long learning, stay-up to date on the latest methodologies and provide ongoing training and coaching to all staff members.

The Founder

“I founded ZubaanTraining because I am passionate about helping people reach their full potention. It is my goal to create a place of learning and growth for people from various cultural and language backgrounds. “

-Michaela Bekaan, CEO & Founder of Zubaan Training

Our Awesome Teachers


Urdu Teacher, Live & online classes


Urdu Teacher, Live & online classes


Urdu Teacher, Live & online classes

DANIEL (Canada)


Urdu Teacher, Freelancer


German Teacher, Live classes


Intercultural Trainer, Teacher Training, Customized Trainings


Urdu Teacher, Freelancer

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We are constantly looking for qualified teachers to join our team. Do you have experience teaching foreign languages and are you interested in joining our motivated Zubaan team?

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