Urdu Language Courses for Foreigners in Karachi and Islamabad,  Pakistan

Speak Urdu with your Pakistani friends from Day 1!

Do you do business in Pakistan and would like to communicate with your business partners, emplyoees and clients in their mother tongue? Or perhaps you are studying at a university in Pakistan and need to understand lectures, pass the Urdu langauge test or you would simply like to socialize with your Pakistani classmates and friends? Or maybe you have Pakistani relatives and you want to communicate with your family on their terms? Or…

Whatever your background and needs – Zubaan Training is here to help you achieve your goals!

All Urdu courses are specificially designed for foreigners and non-native Urdu speakers. Zubaan Training’s teachers are highly qualified, and combined have more than three decades of experience. With our interactive, customized, and practical courses, you will speak Urdu from Day 1!

You can choose between classes at our training center in Bahadurabad (Karachi), your office or home – or online. In December 2019 we also launched our first Urdu Courses in Islamabad. For courses in Lahore) you can contact us for information about our partner language schools.

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Learn Urdu Online

If you are not in Karachi or need more flexibility, then our Online Courses with a live teacher are the perfect option for you! The method, content and teachers are the same as at our trainer center in Karachi.

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Zubaan Traning Urdu Materials & Resources

Finding the right materials and resources for studying Urdu as a foreign or second langauge is a daunting task. That is why we have put together a website just for you – the Urdu Learners. In addition we have developed and published our own materials. Visit our website below for more information:

  • Urdu Grammar Workbook

  • Urdu Grammar Workbook Answer Key

  • Urdu Reading & Writing Course (Audio Version)


What our Urdu students say

Excellent 1.5hr entry level course providing enough useful vocabulary & phrases for a short stay as well as motivation to learn more.

Jannic B. , Participant in Urdu Crash Course

I really liked the personal dedication of teachers and staff!

Ambrogio S., Foreigner working in Karachi


(Translation: Thank you for your teaching and have gained a lot. Your teaching methods are particularly good, combined with the teaching of pictures and videos, lively and interesting, not monotonous)

Victor & Sharon, Business Owners

It’s hard to find good Urdu teachers let alone ones that are flexible to your work, can come to your office, and are trained in teaching methods that actually help with everyday language problems and focus on getting the language to work for you. Zubaan does this really well and I’m glad to be a client!

Andy F., CEO, Grappetite

Die Lehrer waren sehr freundlich und geduldig. Ihr Englisch war super und der Unterricht war sehr veranschaulichend gestaltet.

(Translation: The teachers were very friendlich and patient. Their english was great and they used lots of examples and visuals during the class.)

Agata T., Participant in Urdu Crash Course

Ich habe mich gewundert, wie viel Urdu man in 90 min. lernen kann! Das lag zum größten Teil an den beiden Lehrerinnen, die ihre Arbeit wirklich gut und mit Leidenschaft gemacht haben! Durch das ständige Wiederholen, haben sich die gelernten Sachen gut eingeprägt. Die Lernatmosphäre war sehr angenehm und man hatte nie das Gefühl, dass der Unterricht über die Köpfe hinweg ging. 

(Translation: I was surprised how much Urdu you can learn in 90 minutes! This mainly was due to our two teachers, who did their job with excellene and passion! Through the contiuous repetitions we were able to remember the things taught well. The learning athmosphere was also very comfortable and you never had the impression that it was just in one ear and out the other. 

Benni T., Participant in Urdu Crashcourse