New release: Qadam A1.1. Urdu as a Foreign Language


Qadam A1.1. Urdu as a Foreign Language Course and Workbook will be release January 2021!

What is special about this book?

  • developed for non-native speakers

  • focuses on developing real-life communication skills

  • includes rich audio and video content (see Qadam A1.1. Media Package)

  • uses the recommendations of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) as guideline

  • can be used with a teacher and for self-study

  • Tested and developed by experienced Urdu as a Foreign langauge teachers in Pakistan

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Urdu Language Learning Materials & Resources

As two Pakistani Urdu teachers pointed out in a recent article, there is a lack of language learning materials for Urdu as a Foreign or Second language. This is why we have made it our mission to create and publish Urdu language learning materials and resources.

Find out more about Zubaan´s current resources and publications:

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Our Urdu Grammar Workbook is now available on Amazon, as paperback and for Kindle!

Order the book on Amazon

There is more to come…

We are working on further learning material for our Urdu learners. Two more items will be published soon:

  • More video-based Urdu courses on Udemy and TabletWise

  • Audio-version of the Urdu Grammar Workbook for students who prefer to focus on speaking

Don´t miss the release – check our website for updates!