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Urdu Courses Online with Zubaan Training

Wherever and whenever – learn Urdu online!

With our Urdu Online Classes it has never been easier to learn Urdu. You can learn from any country in the world, from the comfort of your home or office, at any time that suits you. All you need is a computer, a good internet connection, a microphone and webcam.

Check out the video to get a glimpse of what learning Urdu online look like.

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Zubaan Traning Urdu Materials & Resources

Finding the right materials and resources for studying Urdu as a foreign or second langauge is a daunting task. That is why we have put together a website just for you – the Urdu Learners. In addition we have developed and published our own materials. Visit our website below for more information:

  • Urdu Grammar Workbook

  • Urdu Grammar Workbook Answer Key

  • Urdu Reading & Writing Course (Audio Version)


Why are Zubaan Training’s Urdu Online Classes unique?

FAQs for our online courses

What if I have more questions?2019-10-17T11:28:38+05:00

Then contact us by email at info@zubaantraining.net, whatsapp or phone: +92-3310366883. We usually respond within 24 hours.

Can you recommend any resources for learning Urdu?2019-10-17T11:35:07+05:00

Check out our list of recommended resources on our website www.urdulearner.com/resources, our Urdu Blog www.urdulearner.com/category/blog, our online practice activities www.practice.urdulearner.com and of course our self-published workbook “Urdu Grammar Workbook for Beginners” https://urdulearner.com/resources/workbook/.

What if I get sick or am on vacation?2019-10-17T11:34:00+05:00

No problem at all. We have a 48-hours cancellation policy. This means, if you inform us at least 48-hours prior to your class, you will not be charged for the missed lesson. However, any classes that are cancelled last minute, will be charged at the normal rate. For more details, please refer to our “Terms & Conditions”.

Do you have classes on holidays?2019-10-17T11:35:07+05:00

No classes take place on public holidays as announced by the government of Pakistan. For our international clients, we will always send you a reminder a few days before any official holiday. You can find a list of common Pakistan holidays here: https://www.timeanddate.com/holidays/pakistan/

How long do I have access to my online classroom?2019-10-15T14:25:56+05:00

You will have access to your online classroom for the duration of your course. You can access your classroom not only during your class timings, but anytime – e.g. for review or to do homework.

How can I pay?2019-10-17T11:28:38+05:00

You can pay by credit card (online), paypal, direct bank transfer, Western Union, cheque & cash (for Pakistan only).

Do you have female or male teachers?2019-10-17T11:28:38+05:00

We have both female and male teachers. If you have a preference, please let us know during the registration process. We always do our best to honor your requests.

How large are the classes?2019-10-17T11:35:07+05:00

We offer group, semi-private (two students) and private (one student) classes. 90% of our customers prefer to study on their own. This gives you more flexibility in timings, course duration and content.

I am not that tech-savy. Can I still take Online classes?2019-10-15T14:25:57+05:00

Yes, of course. Before your first class, we will give you a short introduction to the program and show you how to use the most important functions. The program is easy to use and does not require any specialized skills.

What are the technical requirements for taking an Online Class?2019-10-15T14:25:57+05:00

You will need a computer or tablet, headset with microphone and ideally also an integrated camera. In addition, you will need a stable internet connection. Visit https://help.miro.com/hc/en-us/articles/360017731553-System-Requirements for details about System requirements.

Can I get a preview of the program you use?2019-10-15T14:25:57+05:00

Check out our short video to get a glimpse of what the online classroom looks like: https://urdulearner.com/urdu-online-classes/

Do you use Skype for your Online Classes?2019-10-15T14:25:57+05:00

No, we do not use Skype. We use a program called miro. It includes an online whiteboard and a video/audio chat function. It allows for teachers and students to interact in real-time.

Do you offer trial classes?2019-10-17T11:35:07+05:00

Yes! We offer one free, 30-minute trial class for all our courses. Contact us for more information.

What our students say about learning Urdu online

The learning is really fun. Easy to understand.

Sharly S., Student, Urdu Online Course

I have taken lesson from many language schools, but this is really the best.  I love their disciplined approach and can highly recommend the classes and institute to anyone.

David, Business Owner UAE, Urdu Online Course
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